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A In addition to writing or editing nearly 30 books to date, Anthony B. Pinn also serves as Series Editor for a number of well known publishers and thought institutions. This page is dedicated to those series, with links to more information as well as purchasing information for those publications.

New York University Press

Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas and Anthony B. Pinn

Religious communities have engaged in significant ways with the myriad contemporary issues that impact social transformation. Matters of public debate such as globalization, violence, terrorism, environmental racism, biomedical health issues, immigration, sexism, political process, poverty, the prison industrial complex, sexual orientation, and xenophobia all carry religious and theological connotations that call for critical engagement by scholars within the study of religion. Yet, the religious aspects of contemporary issues are seldom given explicit consideration.


The principal focus of this series will be the various dimensions of the relationship between religion and notions of social transformation in the United States. Religion impacts social developments and social developments also give some shape to religious formations. The relationship is dynamic and mutual, as the books in the series will express in various ways.

Routledge Press

Monica Miller and Anthony B. Pinn

Routledge Studies in Hip Hop and Religion advances critical issues in hip hop and religion studies with particular focus on and attention to the category of religion, highlighting and bringing together a diverse set of voices, perspectives, and approaches. Books in this series contribute to dynamic conversations across a wide field of inquiry, including: theory and method for the study of hip hop and religion; the role of technology and new media in the development of hip hop culture and the mediation of meaning; aesthetics/performance of hip hop and the cosmology and performance of social belief; hip hop, religion and embodiment; identity formation as cultural/religious process and strategic/tactical operational acts; the role of hip hop in faith institutions; and hip hop, religion, and gender/class/sexuality/politics.

Lexington Books (an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield)

Anthony B. Pinn and Monica Miller

The local/global connections between religion and race are complex, interrelated, ever changing, and undeniable. Religion and Race bridges these multifaceted dimensions within a context of cultural complexity and increasing socio-political realities of identity and difference in a multi-disciplinary manner that offers a strong platform for scholars to examine the relationship between religion and race. This series is committed to a range of social science and humanities approaches, including media studies, cultural studies, and feminist and queer methods, and welcomes books from a variety of global and cultural contexts from the modern period to projects considering the dynamics of the “postmodern” context. While the series will privilege monographs, it will also consider exceptional edited volumes. Religion and Race seeks to impact historical and contemporary cultural and socio-political conversations through comparative scholarly examinations that tap the similarities and distinctions of race across geographies within the context of a variety of religious traditions and practices.

Praeger (an imprint of ABC-CLIO)

Christopher Driscoll, Monica Miller, and Anthony B. Pinn

Hip hop is an integral part of American culture. Its messages and influence span areas and institutions from religion and politics, to business and marketing, to society and pop culture. This series dissects the ways in which hip hop has influenced, and been influenced by, American culture. It focuses on the most controversial and current issues in hip hop music, providing students and readers with context, information, and background on each topic.

Pitchstone Press 

Anthony B. Pinn 

In this series, Pinn curates texts on the do's and don'ts of Humanism. 

Studies in Humanism and Atheism

Palgrave MacMillan Publishers

Anthony B. Pinn and Juergen Manemann

Although numerous scholars and activists have written academic and popular texts meant to unpack and advocate for humanism and atheism as life orientations, what is needed at this point is clear and consistent attention to various dimensions of humanist and atheist thought and practice. This is the type of focused agenda that Studies in Humanism and Atheism makes possible. Books in this series offer new approaches to and innovative discussion of humanism and atheism that take into consideration the socio-cultural, political, economic, and religious dynamics informing life in the twenty-first century.

Innovations: African American Religious Thought

Fortress Press

Anthony B. Pinn and Katie G. Cannon

In this series, Pinn and Cannon seek to  publish creative works in African American religious thought and experience. It encourages interdisciplinary discourse that expands understanding of the nature and meaning of African American religion and religious experience, as well as projects that enrich our knowledge of how African Americans have envisioned and articulated their religiosity in the past. The series highlights, but is not limited to, creatively progressive projects in Womanist and Black theology and ethics.

Imagining the Americas

Oxford University Press

Caroline Levander and Anthony B. Pinn

In this series, Pinn and Levander seek to bring readers innovative books that address the intersections between literary, religious and cultural studies that materialize once the American hemisphere is conceptualized not as a conglomeration of separate nations, but rather as a porous, ever-shifting, transnational space.

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