Faculty Partners

John Boles

Department of History: William P. Hobby Professor Emeritus

Research Areas: U.S. South, American religion


Elias Bongmba

Department of Religion: Harry & Hazel Chavanne Chair in Christian Theology; Professor of Religion, Faculty Assoc. Wiess College; Department Chair, Religion

Research Areas: Global Christianity, African and African Diaspora Religions; African Christianity/Theology Hermeneutics and Theology; Contemporary Theology and Ethics. Secondary: 19th Century Theology and Philosophy of Religion, African Studies; Philosophy/Ethics


Alexander Byrd

Department of History: Associate Professor

Research Areas: Atlantic World, African Diaspora, U.S. African American


Niki Kasumi Clements

Department of Religion: Watt J. and Lilly G. Jackson Assistant Professor of Religion, Allison Sarofim Assistant Professor of Distinguished Teaching in the Humanities, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Department of Religion

Research Areas: Philosophy of Religion; Ethics; Michel Foucault; Christianity in Late Antiquity; Asceticism and Mysticism in Mediterranean Thought and Practice; Theories & Methods in the Study of Religion; Religion and Science; Religion, Medicine, and Mental Health


Elaine Howard Ecklund

Department of Sociology: Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology 

Graduate Program Director 

Director, Religion and Public Life Program

Research Areas: Religion, science, immigration, race, gender and culture


Caleb McDaniel

Department of History: Department Chair; Mary Gibbs Jones Professor of Humanities; Professor of History

Research Areas: Research Areas: Nineteenth-Century U.S., Slavery and Emancipation, American Civil War Era, Abolitionism; Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History, Transnational History


Anthony B. Pinn

Department of Religion: Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religion, School of Humanities; Director, Center for African and African American Studies

Research Areas: Liberation theologies, Religion and Popular culture (e.g., hip hop), Humanism, Constructive theology, African American religious traditions, African American religious thought


James Sidbury

Department of History: Professor; Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Humanities

Research Areas: Early American history, Atlantic history, Southern history, History of race and slavery, Native American history


Nicole Waligoria-Davis

Department of English: Alan Dugald McKillop Associate Chair in English | Associate Chair, English Department

Research Areas: late-nineteenth and 20th century African American and American literary and cultural criticism, with a particular emphasis on black intellectual history, black internationalism, legal studies, critical race theory, and visual culture