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Paul Easterling

Dr. Paul H. L. Easterling is a graduate of the Religious Studies Department of Rice University.  He has been an Adjunct Professor of African American Studies at the University of Houston and is currently an Adjunct Professor of History and Government at Bowie State University.  While attending Rice University as a Ph.D. student he co-designed the Hip Hop and Religion course in 2006 with Dr. Anthony Pinn.  Since then the course has blossomed into one of the most popular courses on Rice’s campus as well as received national notoriety.  In 2010, at the University of Houston, Dr. Easterling also designed the Hip Hop History and Culture course for the African American Studies Program, which also became extremely popular and a vital part of the program’s course offerings.  Dr. Easterling’s research interests include: African American Religious Culture, History of African American Religion, 20th African American Islam, African American Religion and Popular Culture. 

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